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Share your work with a simple and interactive web application

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Say you’ve written a really cool script in Python to do some interesting data analysis and now you want to demonstrate it to others. Chances are, sending over a .py file and asking others to run it, or demonstrating yourself running it on the command line won’t have the same…

Ever felt like learning a new programming language? Go is a great choice!

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I’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about proramming in Go and it piqued my curiousity. Proponents of Go laud it’s simplicity, concurrency, and performance — having basically been solely a Python programmer for the last few years, I wanted to try to get started with Go myself. Through learning…

Create a simple image classifier with neural networks in minutes!

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Deep learning, a subset of machine learning that deals with artificial neural networks, has shown to be extremely powerful at image classification. Despite the mathematical rigor of the inner workings of these algorithms, Python libraries such as keras make these problems approachable to all of us. In this article, I…

Python Science Plotting

Use a GUI-based program to generate reproducible Python plot scripts

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A couple of months ago, I wrote an extensive article on generating scientific publication plots with Python. Recently, I discovered this incredible new package called Pylustrator, which greatly simplifies the process of making multi-panel figures without the need to fiddle with axes sizes. The package also then generates Python code…

Show off your work with a custom project website

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I come from an experimental science background where we deal with a ton of home-built experiment setups and data analysis scripts. Often, the result of this can be poorly documented and difficult-to-use code, especially after the original graduate student (who wrote it) has graduated and left. For this reason, when…

Have you ever wanted to make a fancy-looking NBA shot chart? It’s simpler than ever!

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Recently, I stumbled on this wonderful Python package called nba_api, which can be found here, that serves as a very simple API client to retrieve stats from I have personally always wanted to create player shot charts like ones found online, but gathering the shot location data seemed like…

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